Tsum valley Trekking

Trip Fact

  1. Duration19 Days
  2. Max. Altitude54500m


Tsum valley is a culturally and naturally distinct trekking destination. Where most people are Tibetan origins and rich in ancient art, religion, thousands of stone slabs carve with the deities, chortens, maniwalls, praying wheels, praying flags hanging over the pass, houses and ritual sites. Geographically this Himalayan pilgrimage valley lies on the backdrop of Shringi Himal, Buddha himal and Mt. Ganesh himalcal. It is used to call Tsum Tso Chuksum, which means thirteen provinces ruled as a single territory in Tibetan language. Still, it is visible the ancient remains of the Tsum Kingdom. The Buddhist saint Milarepa is believed that he had meditated in the caves around these mountains for a long time so it is important as a pilgrimage holy valley.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01:pick up at the airport in Kathmandu and transfer to your hotel

Day 02:drive from Kathmandu to Arughat Bazaar apro. 8 hours.

Day 03:Arughat to Soti Khola (6 hours).

Day 04:Soti Khola to Machha Khola (6 hours)

Day 05:Machha Khola to Doban (6hours)

Day 06: Doban to Philim (6 hours).

Day 07: Philim to Chumling (Lower Tsum) (7 hours)

Day 08:Chumling to Chhokangparo (Upper Tsum) (5-6 hours)

Day 09: Chhokangparo to Nile/Chhule,

Day 10:Nile/Chhule to Mu Gompa (3700 m),

Day 11: Extra day for excursion: hike up to Pika Himal (4865m).

Day 12: Rachen Gompa to Dumje (6-7 hours)

Day 13:Dumje to Philim (cross Ripchet) (6-7 hours)

Day 14: Philim to Tatopani (6-7 hours).

Day 15:Tatopani to Soti Khola (6-7 hours)

Day 16:Soti Khola to Arughat Bazar (6-7 hours)

Day 17: Arughat Bazar drive to Kathmandu (8-9 hours)

Day 18:Departure to home

Detail Itinerary

Day 03Arughat to Soti Khola (6 hours).Along the way we enjoy splendid views of Shringri Himal, Gurung and Magar villages and waterfalls then Camp on the bank of Soti khola for overnight.

Day 04Soti Khola to Machha Khola (6 hours) Machha khola is a big village as well a stream also call Machha khola below the village, camping side in Machha khola is very wide and flat.

Day 05Machha Khola to Doban (6hours)the trail is mostly ascendings and descending for the day and camping will be on the conjoint of two rivers Shir Khola and Sarpu khola.

Day 06 Doban to Philim (6 hours).The route is gentle ascending through the rocky hills and downhill to ravines and notched trees. During the walk you will see a towering Mountain call Sringri Himal, crossing the terraced farming field of millet, corn and rice takes you a big Gurung villagePhilim.

Day 07 Philim to Chumling (Lower Tsum) (7 hours)we take the trail upwards to the ridge from Philim this route leads to Ganesh Himal Base camp trekking as well. The day would be very exciting by the views nature, way of life and culture and finally reach to Chumling

Day 08Chumling to Chhokangparo (Upper Tsum) (5-6 hours)the upper inner Himalaya starts from Chhokangparo. From here Tibetan lifestyle and tradition starts, the two villages Chhekam and Paro are situated in big flat land which is call Chhokangparo. The Ganesh himal range, Budda Himal and Himal chuli are nicely visible from here.

Day 09 Chhokangparo to Nile/Chhule, on the way we visit the Milerepa cave the Piren Phu cave. Piren Phu (pigeon cave) is one of the most sacred caves in the Tsum valley. The Gombas are well murals painted, excellent artistic scripts carved on stones, long prayer flags and significant Buddhists paper scripts make the monastery cave one of the most important socio-cultural asset in the valley.

Day 10Nile/Chhule to Mu Gompa (3700 m),visit Dhephyudonma (the oldest)Gompa (4060 m) (4 hours) From Nile the trail gradually ascends to Mu Gomba, the largest monastery in the region. Mu Gumba is located at the highest and farthest point in the Tsum valley. Mu Gumba was established in 1895 AD and situated at the altitude of 3510m.

Day 11 Extra day for excursion: hike up to Pika Himal (4865m). We are quite close to Tibet and get a good views of the Tibetan peaks as well as the Ganesh Himal range. Day 12: Mu Gompa to Rachen Gompa (5 hours) The Rachen nunnery Gomba is situated in the Shiar Khola Valley in the foothills of the mountains bordering Nepal and Tibet. Rachen Gumba was established in the year 1905 AD and is one of the largest nunneries Gomba in the Tsum valley

Day 12 Rachen Gompa to Dumje (6-7 hours) From Rachen Gompa we precede towards Dumje, a small village which looks like cattle sheds.

Day 13Dumje to Philim (cross Ripchet) (6-7 hours) Today is very exciting day for the returning trekking we cross the pass call Ripchet and a beautiful waterfalls in Tsum valley

Day 14 Philim to Tatopani (6-7 hours). It is definitely one of the most enjoyable days from Philim to Tatopani. Tatopani means hot spring where you can swim and give relieve you tired muscles and get natural massage after a long tired trekking.

Day 15Tatopani to Soti Khola (6-7 hours)we pass through terraced farming field tropical forest and waterfalls and finally to the Soti khola.

Day 16Soti Khola to Arughat Bazar (6-7 hours) return along the same route from where we walked up trekking.

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