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  1. Duration1 Days


The source of the Valleys mythical beginning the golden spire of the 5th-century. The Stupa is on the top of the site and fully covered with numerous of monuments and temples with lots of colorful prayers flags hanging over the tree branches and poles. It is also call as Monkeys temple because of their higher inhabitance. Swayambhunath is one of the most recognizable symbols for the Buddhist, Hindus and known as the UNESKOs world heritage site. Legend has the history of the Valley began with the draining of an ancient lake (Nagdaha) by a Budhist Enlightened saint Manjushree then transformed the Lotus flower into the shining Stupa. But the Ecologist say that of course this was a big lake but once in the world there was terrible earthquake and because of struck water turned into the strong wave and swiped away the softest part to southern side and the valley became inhabitable place.

Most of the shrines in Soyambhunath are combined for both Buddhist and Hindus religious aspects. The Swarms of pilgrims and maroon colors robe wearing monks circle the complex and spinning the prayer wheels, while the Hindus are gathering inside the temple for worships together in mutual harmony.