Palpa and Tansen

Trip Fact

  1. Duration2 Days


The palpa Tansen was Magar kingdom or principalities in the ancient time and is very popular for the weaving of Dhaka cloth. It is especially for the Nepalese designed TOPI and traditional wearing as well as for Daura Suruwal. In the city everywhere we can see mostly storing Dhaka for selling. Also it is UNESCOs cultural world heritage site,very highly dominated by the Newari culture and traditions. Magar influence declined in 18th century. The traders were mostly using from this city to go to Tibet and India and used to stay in this city. Since then it is very popular for commercial prospects. There is still Durbar built in the 19th century by Rana Regims. In that time because its beauty and natural paradise the Ranas also used to stay there for ruling and administrations. By the same time Shree teen queen had liked a lot the place and built palace so it is still call RANIMALL palace.

There is newly built tower on the top of Shrinagar danda from here the chain of Himalayas is viewable including Kanjirowa to Langtang and Ganeshimal. There is also a mission hospital built in 1952 and so many important temples like Bhairav temple.