Manaslu Round Trek

Trip Fact

  1. Duration19 Days
  2. Max. Altitude5213m


Manaslu Trekking is unique opportunity to experience and explore Pristine Mountain View, rich culture and genuine adventure sum around untouched region of Nepal has been opened for trekking only since 1991. Mt. Manaslu 8156m tall is one of the very beautiful mountains in Nepal. Manaslu is diverted from the Sanscrit word MANASA which is translated the mountain spirit. The trek begins from the old, independent kingdom of Gorkha to the Budi Gandaki valley. Distinctively people are Buddhist and their links increase to Tibetan tradition. The flat roofed houses boast Monasteries with embossed prayer wheels and Chortent are guarding the entrances of towns. The Tibetan monks inhabiting sacred monasteries give joy of Tibetan feeling and spirituality.

This area offers a combination of cultural heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity. The Manaslu was climbed in 1956 for the first time by Japanese alpinist. The trek is relatively enrich by flora and fauna, a long ascending and descending through the alpine forest, Himalayan villages and landscapes comes to join at Dharapni the main classic trail to Annapurna Circuit route.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01:Arrival in Kathmandu airport and transfer to hotel.

Day 02:Kathmandu to AruGhat (510m) 7/8 hours driving then start the trekking towards Shanti bazaar.

Day 03: Arughat to Sotikhola (710m.)

Day 04:Sotikhola to Khorlabesi (900m)

Day 05: Khorlabesi to Jagat (1410m),

Day 06:Jagat to Serchung (1650)

Day 07:Serchung to Ghap (2380m)

Day 08:Ghap to Lho (3180m) 6 hours trek.

Day 09:Lho to Sama Gaun (3360m)

Day 10:Rest at Samagoun,

Day 11:Samagoun to Samdo (3780m) 5 hours trek.

Day 12:Samdo to Dharamsala (4480m) 4 hours trek.

Day 13:Dharamsala to Larkya pass (5213m) and descending to Bimthang 3630m) 8 and ½ hours trek.

Day 14: Bimthang to Dharapani (1890m)

Day 15:Dharapani to Jagat,

Day 16:Jagat to Bahundanda.

Day 17:Bahundanda to Besishahar,

Day 18:Besishahar to Kathmand

Day 19:Departure to home

Detail Itinerary

Day 03 Arughat to Sotikhola (710m.)follow the Buri gandaki river valley for the trekking, pass the forest with full of monkeys to Sante bazaar, shady pipal tree then steep climb to Arkhet through fields and over a rock outcrop. Then descend to high cascading and climb to kyorpani village and down to Sotikhola.

Day 04Sotikhola to Khorlabesi (900m) trekking through beautiful sal forest to the ridge, the route is a bit precarious as it passes over a big rock and crosses a stream, rocky trail weaves up and down. Pass the terraced rice fields to Gurung village, climb behind a rocky outcrop to School and drop to the Machha khola. The narrow trail passes a waterfall and makes some minor ups and downs to rocky ravine khorlabesi.

Day 05 Khorlabesi to Jagat (1410m),the valley is streamly steep and the trail climbs over a small ridge then descends to Tatopani (hot spring). There are a lot of ups and downs for the day; crossing the bridge over Buri gandaki and some other river as well rocky trail passes big landslide, Dhovan Duman, Yuru khola Tharo bhanjyang to Jagat.

Day 06Jagat to Serchung (1650)the trail crosses the rocky ridge, herder huts to Setibas where you see some Buddhist indication however there are still Gurung people are living. The trail continues upstream to long suspension bridge up to Philim Gurung village then turn northern site just above the village is call serchung.

Day 07Serchung to Ghap (2380m)the trail follows the Buri Gandaki valley also come to meet the route to Tsum valley and Nupri valley in Shar khola. There are a lots of ups and downs crossing the bridge over Buri gandaki and Sringi Khola to the contours of Ghap.

Day 08Ghap to Lho (3180m) 6 hours trek.Still we follow the same valley of Buri Gandaki by turning left to right/ right to left, climbing up and down across the terraced field. Buddhist mani stones are increasing which shows that we are in the home land of Tibetan culture. Pass the village Namrung, Lihi and sho before reaching Lho.

Day 09Lho to Sama Gaun (3360m)few hours of walking to Khani provide a wonderful views of Manaslu, slowly the trail leads you up to the paradise land. Cross the ridge and stream and emerge into overlooking extensive pasture field of Samgaon.

Day 10Rest at Samagoun,Explore around high-hills with pack lunch and get back down to same camp for overnight which is definitely beneficial for altitude acclimatization. If are able you can go to Manaslu base camp for day exploration.

Day 11Samagoun to Samdo (3780m) 5 hours trek.The Larkya La trail passes several Maniwalls as the valley begins to widen. Passing the stone huts, juniper and birch forest, crossing the river and bridge takes you onto the beautiful Buddhist village Samdo.

Day 12Samdo to Dharamsala (4480m) 4 hours trek.A fine old mani walls marks the starts of the climbing to Larkya La, climb gently opposite the Larkya glacier becomes an indistinct. On the way you will see troupes of blue ships, yak pasture and beautiful landscape and mountains.

Day 13Dharamsala to Larkya pass (5213m) and descending to Bimthang 3630m) 8 and ½ hours trek. The day is very demanding, we have to start very early in the morning in order to pass safely. The trail goes through sloppy, grassy fields, rocky moraines to the pass which is very long to Larkya La. The descending is also very steep down hills for a long time, eventually the valley becomes larger and the trail heads down to a large meadow, a Mani wall and some teahouse is Bhimtang

Day 14 Bimthang to Dharapani (1890m)cross the glacial stream and follow the ancient salt trade route of Dudh khola. The valley is very impressive full of oak, rhododendron, blue pine, hemlock, birch and bamboo forest. Pass the pasture field, old Gho village and follow the descending valley to Tilche Gurung village to Annapurna classic route Dharapani.

Day 15Dharapani to Jagat,It is easy walking downhill on the way up from besishahar to Thorong pass. We will meet many people who are intending to get Thorong la, cross the village Tal, Chyamtse and overnight at Jagat.

Day 16Jagat to Bahundanda.Follow the rough road along the valley of Marsyandi until you arrive to Syange then cross the suspension bridge on the opposite site of waterfalls. The trail goes easy walk through rice field of Ghermu phant and climbs for a while to Bahundanda.

Day 17Bahundanda to Besishahar,gradual trekking trail down to Ngadi village and continues to Bulbule. You have to follow the dusty rough road from Bulbule until you reach to Besishahar.

Day 18Besishahar to Kathmand Drive back to Kathmandu by local or private vehicle for 6 hours.

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