Changunarayan Temple

Trip Fact

  1. Duration1 Days


Is a pagoda-style Hindu temple 6 km mtr far from Bhaktapur and 22 km far from Kathmandu on the top of the hill is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu (protector). It is one of the oldest and the first temple built in the early 4th century and rebuilt in 17th century after the temple was destroyed by fire. Most of the stone carvings, sculpture in the temple courtyard were done during the dates to Lichhabi Dynasty. The exquisitely built temple has intricate roof struts showing multi-armed Tantric deities. A kneeling sculpture of Garuda dated to the 5th century with a snake around its neck, faces the temple. The gilded door depicts stone lions guarding the temple. Gilded windows also flank the door. A conch and a disc, symbols of Vishnu are carved on the two pillars at the entrance.