Bouddhanath Stupa

Trip Fact

  1. Duration1 Days


The Boudhanath stupa is one of the holiest and most recognizable sites in Kathmandu. It is 43 meters tall from the ground and has a diameter of 120 meters and it is built on an octagonal base, is surrounded by prayer wheels and has colorful of prayer flags. Boudhanath is rich in symbolism and assigned UNESCOs cultural world heritage sites in 1979. Boudhanath is the religious centre of Buddhist community as well as for the Hindus. It is surrounded by around 50 monasteries and shops settling Tibetan art facts. The most interesting things to see is monks with shaven heads and maroon robes, pilgrimages are spinning prayer wheels, chanting mantras inside the monastery or walking around the stupa on clockwise with counting 108 rosary beads. Entering in the monastery and having a look of Lamas worship and taking photos of Stupa from the roof top would be a very rewarding visit around the mighty site.