Trip Fact

  1. Duration2 Days


It is one of the most attractive magical places by 8 km up-away from Phithvi highway. In the ancient time it was important place for the trade route to Indian and Tibet. Newar ethnic group were migrated from Bhaktapur (Kathmandu) to Bandipur after the unifications of Nepal and imported same cultural heritage and architecture like in Bhaktapur. Bandipur developed into prosperous trading centre and a community with town-like features: substantial buildings, with their neoclassical faades and shuttered windows and streets paved with slabs of silverfish slate and dominated by Magar ethnic group early in 19th century. During that time period no people were allowed to attend read and write however Rana regimes permitted to own library, still that exist. In the many folk songs the word of Bandipur revises because its natural paradise and surrounding phenomenons. Also it was headquarter of Tanahu district, Bandipur has been over shadowed after construction of prithivi highway in 1970s and headquarter shiftiest to Damauli. Most of people from here were also descent to Dumre and Damauli for trade after road expansions.

It has very attractive several lodges for the tourists, no vehicles are allowed to ride in the main alleys of little city and still is dreamland for the holidays maker. The mixed culture and mixed ethnic group are nestling in mutual coordination and harmonization that brings the warmth of great greeting.